Lunch box; Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I felt like High Tea scones, buttery and crumbly with thick cream and strawberry jam. The craving got so bad that I bought some scones from Woolworth's: butter scones for me and cheesy scones for Hungry Hubby.

So Hungry Hubby is having 3 of the cheese scones with cheese, apricot jam and smoked ham. A selection of fruit: nectarine, pineapple, green grapes and fresh coconut. As a snack we are having a Laughing Cow cheese and mini bread sticks.

I'm having the same except I'm having only 1 butter scone {5 ProPoints} with jam, cheese and ham {4 ProPoints} with my fruit {1 ProPoint for the fresh coconut} and my Laughing Cow Dipper {3 ProPoints}

Therefore a total of 13 WeightWatchers ProPoints for my lunch box and snacks.

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