Hawaiian Chicken Burger

Hungry Hubby decided he felt like a big hamburger, so considering we've already had burgers so many times over the Christmas holiday and all of them were beef so I decided on a chicken burger and only 2 things make a so-so chicken burger amazing: cheese and pineapple!

• 4 big burger buns
• 4 chicken breasts
• 4 slices Gouda cheese
• 4 pieces fresh pineapple
• Lettuce
• 4 x 15ml burger sauce
• Paprika
• Spray and cook
• Salt and pepper

1. Season chicken breast with paprika, salt and pepper, spray with spray and cook and grill until cooked. Place a cheese slice on top before you remove it from the grill until melted.

2. Assemble your burger: bottom bun, lettuce, chicken with cheese, pineapple, sauce and then top bun.


The Hawaiian Burger as above is 10 WeightWatchers ProPoints because Hungry Hubby asked for a BIG burger. If you use a smaller whole wheat roll then the burger has only 8 WeightWatchers ProPoints.

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