Mini Carrot Cake

I received a 'mini carrot cake' from Daily Dietition for last Friday, but, given the fact it had no icing on it, I classify it as a carrot muffin instead. So I decided to upgrade it from a muffin to a carrot cake and eat it for breakfast. Yum, cake for breakfast, now we're talking.
This works well with any carrot muffin you buy. I like Woolworth's version.

What you need:

  • 1 carrot muffin
  • 1 tbsp cream cheese (I used my favourite Kiri spread)
  • 1/4 tsp honey

What to do:

  1. Cut the muffin in half, spread with the cream cheese and drizzle honey on top.
  2. Enjoy!

The carrot muffin tasted really good as it was moist and had dried fruit in it for sweetness. If yours doesn't have dried fruit, then adjust your honey as needed. You can even mix it into the cream cheese instead of pouring it on top. For a healthier version why not use creamed or smooth cottage cheese instead?


Daily Dietitian - Week 2 | Day 1

This was a really delicious day with Daily Dietitian. I loved all the food, was stuffed and satisfied. I hope the rest of the week will follow suit. 

Lunch was Mexican Chicken stuffed Sweet Potato with zucchini, mushrooms and peppers. This was so delicious!

Dinner was really good. I never really tried brown rice before and I am hooked on the crunchy, nutty taste of it. It went really well with the  Beef Rogan Josh Curry served on a bed of brown rice.

To give it some freshness it was served with a Cucumber Mint Side Salad.

Snack 1 was this cute little Fruit Kebab with pineapple, papaya and naartjie. Just a little bit of sweetness.

Not the best picture but snack 2 was this Devilled Pesto Boiled Egg and it was amazing. Never thought of adding a bit of pesto to the yolk.


Daily Dietitian Week 1 | Day 4 and 5

We get to pick up Thursday and Friday's food on a Thursday morning so I decided to do both together.



What are we having?

I love the individual packaging which I reuse at home. So great and quick and easy.

So lunch is Grilled Hake with Couscous, Courgette Koftas and a Tomato Almond Sauce. I am not a big fish fan but I loved the Monday fish pie so I had high hopes for this dish but sadly it wasn't meant to be. I didn't enjoy this one at all.

Dinner looks and smells really good: Chicken Pad Thai with Egg Noodles. I love curries and stirfries (that is why I sometimes make them together!) so this is something I am very comfortable with. It also looks nice and vibrant.

My first snack were these intriguing Gingerbread Energy Bites. I was just reading about an interesting ginger chocolate cake so this was very welcome. It seemed like the bliss balls I have been reading about which is a mixture of nuts, seeds, dates and spices. I loved these as they addressed my current sweet cravings and actually filled me up until lunch time.

My second snack was this cute little (and yes I received only one but remember this is a calorie controlled delivery service!) Chicken Feta Pesto Meatballs. This was good and some dipping sauce would have made it even better! Just wish I had more than one..


So what am I having tomorrow?

My lunch for Friday looks really good: Grilled Chicken Breast on Broccoli Quinoa Tabouli with a Creamy Lemon Sauce. And obviously a big lemon wedge on top!

Dinner is Slow Cooked Moroccan Lamb Stew with Shaved Zucchini and Green Beans. It was raining the whole week in Cape Town and stew would have been perfect but now we have a summer day (weather in Cape Town will give you whiplash!) but I am the type of person that craves summer in winter and stews in summer so this is working out great.

My first snack was supposed to be smoked salmon dip but I can't stand smoked salmon so they have taken that into consideration and changed the menu. Now I am having Olive Tapenade with Seed Crackers. A new try for me so as always I am a bit excited! The seed crackers look like the Banting crackers which usually taste awful. The Almond Poppy seed crackers of Wednesday was devine so would have preferred those again. But after trying it I was blown over - it really was good. Hubby got smoked salmon dip with his crackers (which I stole) and smeered on top it was amazing!

As it will be Friday and I am due a treat, the last snack for the day is a Mini Carrot Cake but with no icing. So more of a carrot muffin than a carrot cake. But a smear of Kiri cheese on top will sort this out quick quick.

Now I must just not go crazy over the weekend. So far I have forgotten that I am actually following a specifically formulated healthy eating diet. It just feels like someone is doing me a favour so I don't have to cook! Let's see what next week brings!

Daily Dietitian Week 1 | Day 3

So what do we have for this beautiful Wednesday? Well I am excited about this because I couldn't wait to try at least 3 out of the 4 goodies!

The Lunch option is the one I was weary about for no other reason but that I have never had a good experience with eggplant or aubergine. It was either spongy or oily. But as always it was a pleasant surprise! So what was it: Aubergine cheesecake with a carrot and beetroot side salad.

As always dinner is a bit smaller but an old South African favourite: Traditional Babotie (curry mince with an eggy custard topping) with patty pans and honeyed butternut. I love curry and I love mince so always a great option. They have reduced the traditional thick egg and cram layer for the obvious reasons but it still tasted great!

My first snack was these Almond poppy seed crackers which were delicious with honey cottage cheese which I used as a spread. Absolutely loved this.

My second snack was Chickpea-free Zucchini Turmeric hummus with crudites. I loved the bright green colour and again it satisfied my crunchy cravings. But truthfully I prefer hummus.....

Again pleasantly surprised. So far so good!


Daily Dietitian Week 1 | Day 2

Another brilliant food day from the Daily Dietitian! The food was once again great, the snacks were a bit odd but I will get to that soon. Overall I was very happy. the food tasted great and the portions were again huge that I wasn't hungry at all! I could even do without the snacks but why waste food?

Lunch was a smokey Minestrone soup with chicken and orzo pasta. I had a big bowl full with some lovely pesto. It really was delicious.

Dinner was a new flavour combination for me: coffee and cocoa curred pulled beef served with cinnamon cabbage and roasted baby potatoes. It was amazing and Hubby loved it

Our one snack sounded so good on paper but confused me a bit: Choc chip sweet potato paleo muffin. But then I realized the menu was changed to a paleo ball! It was this small little dense ball that didn't look like a muffin at all but it tasted much better than what it looked like. Truthfully I would have preferred another breakfast polenta bowl...

My second snack was crispy vegetables in rice paper rolls with Siracha chilli dipping sauce. Another new for me and it was surprisingly good. I am not a big fan of rice paper rolls because they tend to go a bit snotty if you ask me. But the crunchy filling and spicy sauce made it really worth while.

Another good day of eating healthy food that I didn't have to prepare!


Daily Dietitian Week 1 | Day 1

Oh wow I wish I had done this ages ago! As you are well aware, I am such a lazy housewife and besides cleaning, I really hate cooking. All the planning and prep and going to the shops and figuring out what to make....I just hate it. So I did Daily Dish for a while. They give you the menu for a week, give you the recipes and the raw ingredients and you just have to make it. But the issue is you still have to make it. So taking this in mind and my goal to lose at least 10kg (of baby weight) I found a new company called Daily Dietitian.

Oh my goodness! I received day 1 of lunch and dinner with 2 snacks for me and dinner and 1 snack for hubby. They calculate your ideal calorie intake (mine is 1400 and Hubby just over 2000 calories) and create the meals. They provide you with breakfast options to make yourself or you can do a meal replacement shake.

So what did I get:

Snack 1 was Blueberry Almond Breakfast Polenta - very creamy and filling and ended up being my breakfast/brunch.

Lunch was a creamy, cheesy Fish Pie with vegetables and sweet potato wedges - I generally hate fish (that is why there is such a lack of fishy recipes!) but this was good!

In actually fact it was also way too much! I am almost certain they made a mistake because this can't be diet food!

Snack 2 is Paprika Roasted Nuts which I am keeping for the 3pm slump.

Dinner is what I am looking forward too the most: Red Thai Chicken Curry with veggies and brown rice - as you can see my portion is smaller than my lunch portion but still big.

Hubby's portion is very big - almost too much for him! And so heavy. It looks good and I can't wait to try it tonight. An you know the best part? It works out cheeper than our groceries!

Chicken a la King

There are few food I love so much that I would eat it again and again. Bangers and mash being one, curry being another and this Chicken a la King. The only issue is that we have eaten it so many times that Hubby now doesn't want to see it again for a while! So while I might not be able to enjoy it again soon, I decided to share the recipe so you might enjoy it in my stead.

 It really is so easy. Only a couple steps and you have an amazing meal. We are lucky enough to have amazing fresh products (despite the food prices increasing so much lately - enjoy it before it is just too expensive!)

So what do you need:
  • 500g chicken fillets sliced into cubes or thinner long fillets
  • 1 medium onion sliced
  • 500g mushrooms sliced
  • fresh or frozen peas about 1 cup
  • fresh baby carrots about 200g
  • 2 packets chicken a la king mix
  • prescribed amount of milk (about 400ml per packet)
  • 1 big pimento ppper
  • fresh parlsey
  • Dried pasta cooked according to the packet instructions.
What to do:

1. Fry the chicken until brown on both sides. Remove from the pan and fry the onion. Remove the onion from the pan and fry the mushrooms (unless your pan is big enough and you can add it all together.

2. Add the pimento pepper, thinly sliced and fry a bit more. Add the chicken and onion back into the pan.

3. Mix the sauce according to the packet instructions with themilk. Slowly add it to the pan.

4. Cook on a high heat while stiring until the sauce starts to thicken. Turn doen the heat and allow to slowly simmer for about 20 minutes or until the chicken is cooked. In the meantime cook the pasta and steam the peas and carrots.

5. Add some fresh parlsey and stir through. When done you will add more parsley.

When done plate up the chicken and paste, top with more parsley and black pepper and serve with peas and carrots.



Crumbed Chicken and Hummus Wrap

This was ridiculously easy! I made it in 2 minutes flat and was really good!!

What do you need:
  • 1 crumbed chicken breast, cut into strips
  • lettuce mix
  • 1 low cal flour tortilla
  • 1 tbsp hummus (I used roasted red pepper hummus)
  • 1 tbsp cream cheese
What to do:
  1. Mix the hummus and cream cheese together and spread on the tortilla.
  2. Top with salad leaves and then with the chicken.
  3. Roll and cut into half.
  4. Enjoy!

I added the wrap, some more hummus and some crunchy vegetables to dip. So quick and so good.