Pink and Gold Princess Party

What? A Princess Party without any Disney reference? - yes it can be done! Especially with a bit of a creative flair like Lika's mom has! Lizanne prepared this beautiful Princess themed birthday party with everything wrapped in pink and gold. It really was beautifully done and will make a great theme for any girl's birthday party. And without any Disney references, you are only limited to your imagination!

For snacks there were popcorn and marshmallows and lots and lots of cake: both a big cake with a big gold 1 on it and dozens of pink and white cupcakes.

There were also some of the best cookies (just beautifully prepared sugar cookies) I have ever had the privilege to steal! (I pretended to take a cookie for the Little One just to eat it all by myself!) She also had the cutes start biscuits, stuck together with hard icing and a  wooden handle inserted to make wands

On a (slightly) more healthy side, she also provided some bright pink yoghurt which was smooth, sweet and double thick making it almost like a dessert. To glam it up she added these wooden spoons painted with some gold dust.

There will never be a South African birthday party with at least one colour Milk on the table. Our favourite version is called a SteriStumpie and here it was added with great effect - a new label and a straw with a crown glued on. Really, this milky drink is so popular, it has its own Facebook page and twitter account!

Everyone also received a small pink box with a big gold crown on it with some more goodies. To play with there were pink bubble -gifts that was just perfect as everyone loved either blowing or catching the bubbles!

There was so much love and effort put into all the detail that you really couldn't walk past the table without having a look at what was happening.

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