Coconut and Macadamia Butter Chai Pudding

Ever realised how much sugar is in absolute everything? Not just what you add to coffee etc, but all the hidden sugars? Well, I've been on a bit of a mission to find out and was I shocked: even the baby's small pot of yoghurt has 2 teaspoons of sugar added and it was made specifically for children! So I'm back on a sugar free healthy eating plan, not a "diet" just cutting back on crap.

So what to eat for a sweet treat? Apparently many people eat chai pudding for breakfast but after making the first batch I decided it's good enough to qualify as dessert. And easy too, only 4 ingredients and 4 steps. Try it.

  • 2 cups coconut milk
  • 6 tsp macadamia nut butter
  • 1 tsp rice syrup
  • 4 tablespoons chia seeds
  1. Mix it all together.
  2. Pour into a container with a lid.
  3. Refrigerate overnight.
  4. Enjoy topped with roasted coconut.


Nitida Club Festival.

Nitida Wine Farm, located in the beautiful valleys of Durbanville, is not only renowned for they fantastic wines (there is 13 varieties to choose from!) but also their annual Club Member Party. Here regulars of the wine farm are treated to great food and brilliant wines on the house! Just to say thank you for everything. How many places go into so much effort? Well they do and then just go a little beyond.

Every table had some small plants with fresh herbs as a thank you gift, with a big glass filled with puzzle pieces. This year's theme was "the history of Durbanville". For instance did you know there used to be a canon on Bloemendal Estate's Hill to call local's to arms if need be? The locals have decided to bring the canon back and you can now visit the hill yourself.

As too the puzzles: the table that could finish theirs first won a price. Our table was so busy drinking we were last...but we didn't mind! Just look at all the bottles and glasses! Nidita has stopped producing Pintage (I almost started crying as it was my favourite!) and replaced it with a Pinot Noir (which I grudgingly have to admit is better than the Pinotage) and a new wooded Sauvingnon Blanc called "Wild Child". It was crisp and clear and I can't wait to have it on a picnic. The Wild Child isn't available yet for purchase at the Cellar but will be soon (Club Members must have some privileges).

To follow the theme we had "traditional" type food and started of with a roasted butternut soup, wholewheat croutons, a smidgen of cream and chopped chives. We also had fresh bread and real butter. 

Dinner was a Curry Lamb Kebab (really traditional) that was so soft I could eat it with just a fork! The kebab (sosatie) was covered in additional curry sauce which was fantastic. With it was samp, another traditional corn type salad with veggies. We also had roasted vegetables and salad on the side.

Pudding was the best part for me (see - I am addicted to sugar!) which was a Malva Pudding with homemade vanilla ice cream, sugar snap biscuit and homemade custard. Devine! Not too sweet, with a lovely warm sponge pudding and the cold ice cream on top. Heaven.

Oh and thank you to Rudi Le Roux for some of the food photo's!

As always we had a fantastic year and can't wait for the next one! Why not visit one of the two restaurants being  Cassia  or Tables.


Jason's Bakery | 185 Bree Street Cape Town

I have been an absentee blooger these last 2 weeks but not because of willful neglect. Though it was neglect. I had to attend a conference for the whole of last week meaning poor Hubby and Em had to fend for themselves. Taking this into consideration, I decided to share my (extremely) guilty pleasure for when I have to fend for myself as well. I should never have visited this place because I now am hooked. My addiction is so bad that I am shamelessly refusing to pack a lunch so I have an excuse to visit this place.

[UPDATE: Picture above not myonw, due to a computer issue all my photos were deleted]

It's called Jason's Bakery and if a freshly baked croissant is your thing, beware: they are huge, fluffy and utterly delicious to the extend that I never just buy 1. You will hate yourself later if you only bought one because it is all you can think about the whole day. They have a wide selection but I always go for either the almond croissant or the chocolate croissant. Both excellent.

But wait there is more...gooey, chocolatety and insanely sweet "Grandma's brownies" almost had me in a sugar coma as I had to have more than one. A beautiful consistency with a crispy top, cakey centre and huge soft chunks of white chocolate. Yum!

I'm not forgetting the savoury army - they also do great pies (stirfry and noodle pies, anyone?) or how about a bacon croissant. Yes you read right! But for me it is the sandwiches. Freshly made, on a wide selection of bread available and with interesting toppings like the B.A.B. which is a bacon, avocado and brie sandwich!

There is a selection for breakfast served until 11h00 and fantastic coffee, which alone is worth the trip. And on some saturdays: the Cronut! But be warned, everything except the sandwiches sells out by midmorning so hurry, hurry. Also I suggest you go for take-aways, space is limited and always full. Just walk up to the window and order away. The sweet stuff is right in front so you get to choose.

But please promise me one thing: you WILL try the almond croissant at least once...


An extremely busy week!

Wow what a crappy week! Flying everywhere, meetings and more work. I was only able to do a couple of lunches but didn't even have enough time to share it.

And all of the lunches were bread-based. Healthy wasn't really on my mind, I was more looking towards quick and filling and sandwiches fits the bill perfectly. Running out of ideas? When I do, I always go back to basics. Above is just such an example: a cheese and tomato sandwich on brown bread, butter and mayonnaise.

The second lunch looks a bit more impressive but really it isn't. I had leftover chicken schnitzel which I used as a filling. I had some cream cheese and really wanted to add some sweet chilly sauce (nothing goes together as well as cream cheese  and sweet chilly sauce - try it as a dip!) but I couldn't find any! So balsamic reduction it was. It surprised me with how great it tasted.  I added these huge strawberries and very sweet grapes to both lunch boxes and that's it. This is all I have done this week. Sad isn't it?