Chocolate Peanut Butter Acorn Candy for Thanksgiving

A cute treat for Christmas or thanksgiving with only 5 ingredients! They are so good, all peanut buttery and they look so pretty too!

Taken from Martha Stewart (available form Zinio.com)


White on White Breakfast Granola

I love the crunch of this breakfast but if you don't then you can mix everything together and leave it for 10 minutes. It makes the granola go a bit soft but not too much to still be enjoyable.

• 1 cup almond granola
• 1/2 cup vanilla yoghurt
• 1 tsp white chocolate chips (optional)

1. Mix the chocolate chips and granola and add to a bowl.
2. Top with the yoghurt.
3. Top with a littlle granola and chocolate chips.


The Cake Plate

How many times have you decided to visit a nice bakery or cafe with the intention of having a delicious slice of cake  only to see the cakes on offer and it hits you: indecision! Well, fear the selection no longer. The Velvet Cake Company has their little deli/cafe called Treat in Durbanville and they have come up with the perfect plan: The Cake plate.

Have your cake and eat it, all 4 half-slices! I would suggest sharing the cake plate because it still is a lot of cake, but this way you get to discover your favourite

I had the following:

Red Velvet

Miss May, a granadilla cake

Caramel Cheesecake

And a carrot cake

Now here is the worst part: I enjoyed the selection so much I will have to try the cake plate again because I still can't decide. Sad isn't it....


Santa'S Shoebox Project

Santa's Shoebox is a charity event that I think everyone should participate in. It is a yearly event whereby you pledge one 'shoebox' filled goodies to one child in need. These boxes include very basics to something a little bit more fun and can range from between R250 to R500 per box (depending on the goodies you choose). And it really is just a regular shoebox filled with goodies!

(Photo above is not mine)

Each box must contain some essentials but how much you wish to add is up to you.

We pledged 6 boxes for 3 boys and 3 girls from ages 4 to 7. We added the basics like a toothbrush, toothpaste and soap, one set of clothing and school supplies. We also added some sweets and some toys. These children have so little so giving them just a box filled with goodies is the least we can do for christmast.

These pledges run every year until mid October when the boxes are collected to be distributed. How about next year you join? Or better still if you do not have such a drive why not start one?


Gourmet Boerie Restaurant

One of South Africa's great 'fast food' is called a boerewors roll. A 'boerewors' is a sausage, usually made from beef and spices with the most favourite spice used being coriander. It's braai'ed (or barbecued) and placed on a fresh hotdog roll. The traditional boerewors roll has fried onions and a 'smoor' made of onions and tomatoes.

It is an easy and cheap meal to make and because it really is so quick to make we make it for sporting events, at the beach or just because we feel like it.

However we tend to only make it the traditional way, which is why I'm so glad to introduce a restaurant in a Cape Town called Gourmet Boerie.

They really push the envelope in combinations, from the Mexicano (salsa, sour cream, guacamole, jalapeƱo, coriander and lettuce) to the Hangover (bacon, caramelized pineapple, avocado and cheese sauce) or the Pure Sophistication (caramelized onion, goat's cheese, roasted cherry tomatoes, basil pesto and rocket).

But if you are anything like me you won't be able to choose - I always want to try everything! But it won't be good for your waistline so I am glad to introduce the Boerie-sliders!

And what do you get? 'n Old School Boerie, the Hangover, the Mexicano, the Pure Sophistication, the Chakalaka Boerie, the Tomato Madness and the Gorgonzola.

Want more? How about a selection of mini desserts? A selection of 3 mini desserts are also available. Brilliant, right?


Paprika Chicken, Avo and Srawberry Wrap

I followed my own advice  in regards to filling these wraps. They are just as good in a quesadilla though I would add more cheese. The sweet strawberries with the paprika chicken works really well.
  • 1 tortilla wrap
  • 2 tbsp cream cheese / cottage cheese
  • 1/2 avo
  • 2 big strawberries sliced
  • Fresh coriander
  • 2 cheese slices 
  • Parmesan shavings
  • Paprika chicken
1. Spread tortilla with cottage or cream cheese. Add cheese slices.
2. Add avo and sliced strawberries.
3. Add fresh coriander (as much as you like).
4. For extra cheesy taste, add Parmesan shavings.
5. Add the paprika chicken, roll and either enjoy as is or place in a grill and grill until golden and crispy and the cheese is melted.

Paprika Chicken
  • 500g chicken breast
  • 2 tbsp Smoked Paprika 
  • 1 tbsp oil
1. Slice chicken breasts into even strips.  Coat with paprika.
2. Add oil to a hot frying pan. Add chicken.
3. Add chicken and fry until cooked but not dry.


The Velvet Cake Company - Durbanville

I shouldn't be sharing this. I shouldn't have discovered this place in the first place - especially when one has baby weight to loose, but Oh My Gosh, wait till you see this place!

I have always loved cake. From the original (but never boring) vanilla cake to something more exciting. But my cakes are never fluffy enough or moist enough or just good enough but now I have found a place where every cake desire you can imagine!

What about a Grasshopper CheeseCake? Or a Blue Velvet Cake? Or a multi-colored cake with a cheese cake bottom?

Situated at 21 Pasita Street, Durbanville (so close to home!) and you can also order from their website www.thevelvetcakeco.com or email at order@thevelvetcakeco.com

They do special occasions, birthdays, Easter, Christmas or just because it's Friday!

I'm going to order something special for my Mom's birthday just before Christmas!


Lunch: Thursday, 14 November 2013

Today's lunch is a tasty, low fat chicken chilli con crane with brown rice and grated cheese. For Little Emma's sake it was really just a chicken stew but it was really good in any case.

It was bulked up with many veggies and finely shredded chicken.

Here is a low fat Chicken Chilli Con Carne recipe for you to try.


Lunch: Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Day 2 on the Served Fresh Diet and it was still going good, which shouldn't come as a surprise as this really is a diet-for-dummies: everything is prepared for you, though with everything going so hectic, I was unable to post everyday so here are some of the lunches and dinners I enjoyed.

And mushroom 'tartlet' with coleslaw. I absolutely loved the little tartlet that was mainly egg and mushrooms with cheese on top. 

Chicken, veggies and couscous. I'm not a big fan of couscous as it can be very dry and boring. Though this dish had some favours, it still wasn't my favourite.

Unfortunately little Emma had to go in for some tests due to severe reflux and I ended up having to stay in hospital Thursday and Friday so I missed my lunches and had take-away instead. So therefore the diet lasted 3 days. Let's hope it gets better from here on.


Our Little E

Our beautiful baby girl was 9 days old when we took her for a newborn photo shoot with the wonderful Lizelle Krige in Paarl. She also took our maternity photos. Time really flies and children grow up so quickly that we decided to capture every moment thereof. Usually we just take the photos ourselves but a professional photographer just knows how to make it special.

She is also great at incorporating personal traits into the shoot like these. She used Hubby's kickboxing wraps for a real personal touch.

Because E was born the day after this blog's 1 year anniversary, I couldn't help but share these photos. How I love this small little bundle!


Lunch: Monday 4 November 2013

My first day on the Servd Freshdiet and it is going good. Breakfast was some of the best granola ever!  I think it was the nuts, but either way it is definitely something to have again. It was served with low fat yoghurt and blueberries.

I will definitely try to recreate it at home. Do you have a good granola recipe you are willing to share?

Lunch was a Thai Chicken Salad with pickled cabbage, carrots and a sweet chilli dressing. 

My anytime snack was 1 deviled egg that tasted a bit rubbery - which was very disappointing as I love deviled eggs. The yolk also didn't taste of the usual mayo and mustard mixture. It was very bland.

For dinner I had grilled Salmon with Wholegrain mustard Mash and Baby Courgette Ribbons in a Garlic Vinaigrette.

For my late night snack I had the most amazing Baked Apple Slices. They tasted like cinnamon apple fritters deep fried in oil! Very indulgent indeed.

So far the main meals are great. The anytime snacks seems to be disappointing but the evening snack really makes up for it.

With the meals prepared for me, it becomes very difficult to cheat as you lite just open the fridge

Beluga Restaurant

When I have a Dim Sum craving but Hubby is more in the mood for a curry, we head to Beluga Restaurant in Cape Town where they satisfy every desire from sushi to steak and every dish is fantastic. My favourite if of course the fact that you can order champagne by the glass! While pregnant they also do amazing non-alcoholic cocktails which aren't just fruit juice.

Food wise Hubby almost always chooses the Angry Chicken Curry while I deviate depending on my taste. What I don't deviate from is the Pot Stickers. They really are amazing. But go and see their extensive menu and find your own new favourite! 

Just don't skip the White Chocolate Beignets!

(Photo's from the Beluga website)


Servd Fresh Meal Delivery Company

I now have no excuse any more and need to loose 10kg. Preferably before 30 November 2013 when I have to brave the outside world for a wedding. I'm not buying a plus-size dress so I need to loose at least 5 kg to fit into my existing dresses. Yes they will be tight instead of as loose when I bought them but that's not the point...I just need to start. So the idea was to do the Cohen Diet that I know works but on the other hand it is so restrictive that I never last more than a week. 

But these issues are solved as I have discovered a meal delivery company that delivers all through South Africa, called Servd Fresh. It provides different meal plans and I chose the 1200 calorie a day meal plan for a (very) inactive woman. What I really like about the company is that the meals aren't filled up with beans like other companies do. Yes it is a cheap and cheerful protein that is low in fat but you get tired of it VERY quickly. I placed my order on Wednesday hoping there is enough time to start on Monday 4 November 2013.

Just to give you an idea this is what a typical menu for a week looks like:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
Homemade Granola with Honey Yoghurt and BlueBerries Wholewheat Crumpets with Apple and Honey served with Fruit Cinnamon, Apple and Current Oats Wholewheat Blueberry Waffles with Honey & Blue Berry Glaze Crispy Bacon, Mushroom and Cream Cheese Pancake
V - Mushroom and Cream Cheese Pancake
Apple Crumpets with Honey & Yoghurt
Snacks Snacks Snacks Snacks Snacks Snacks
Crudites with Hummus Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Caprese Salad Dried Fruit & Nuts Mini Crustless Cheese & Corn Quiche Biltong and Feta Tar Tar in Mini Pita
V - Feta Tar Tar in Mini Pita
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Honey & Balsamic Chicken Noodle Salad with Dressing
V - Honey & Balsamic Soy Chicken Noodle Salad with Dressing
Pork Meatballs with Green Beans, Feta & Almonds
V - Soy & Lentil Meatballs with Green Beans, Feta and Almonds
Mushroom, Lentil, Sundried Tomato, Oregano & Pesto Pasta Salad Bacon & Roasted Veg Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing
V - Chick Pea & Roasted Veg Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing
Chilli, Prawn and Spinach Linguine
V - Chilli, Soy Prawn and Spinach Linguine
Bean Pasta Salad
Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
Mustard Crusted Sirloin Steak served on a bed of seasonal vegetables & Brown Rice with Gravy
V - Mustard and Herb Crusted Mushroom Steak Topped with Cream Cheese baked and served with Seasonal Vegetables & Brown Rice
Homemade Spanish Style Chicken Pasta with Roasted Vegetables
V - Homemade Spanish Style Chick Pea Pasta
Paprika Chicken with Pea, Corn & Carrot Potato Mash & Butternut Mash
V - Stuffed Butternut, Spinach and Feta & Tomato
Chicken Fillet with Jalapeno Cheese Sauce Served with Carrot, Marrow and Broccoli
V - Cheese & Jalapeno Potato Croquets Served with Carrot, Marrow & Broccoli
Asian Chicken Stirfry
V - Soy Asain Chicken Stirfry
Beef Goulash and a side of Seasonal Vegetables
V - Mushroom Goulash and a side of Seasonal Vegetables
Dessert Dessert Dessert Dessert Dessert Dessert
Chocolate Pear Crisp Chocolate Cheesecake Baked Apple, Raisins and Cinnamon Syrup Nutella Rice Krispie Treat Blueberry Yogurt Nutty Dark Chocolate