The Cake Plate

How many times have you decided to visit a nice bakery or cafe with the intention of having a delicious slice of cake  only to see the cakes on offer and it hits you: indecision! Well, fear the selection no longer. The Velvet Cake Company has their little deli/cafe called Treat in Durbanville and they have come up with the perfect plan: The Cake plate.

Have your cake and eat it, all 4 half-slices! I would suggest sharing the cake plate because it still is a lot of cake, but this way you get to discover your favourite

I had the following:

Red Velvet

Miss May, a granadilla cake

Caramel Cheesecake

And a carrot cake

Now here is the worst part: I enjoyed the selection so much I will have to try the cake plate again because I still can't decide. Sad isn't it....

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