The Velvet Cake Company - Durbanville

I shouldn't be sharing this. I shouldn't have discovered this place in the first place - especially when one has baby weight to loose, but Oh My Gosh, wait till you see this place!

I have always loved cake. From the original (but never boring) vanilla cake to something more exciting. But my cakes are never fluffy enough or moist enough or just good enough but now I have found a place where every cake desire you can imagine!

What about a Grasshopper CheeseCake? Or a Blue Velvet Cake? Or a multi-colored cake with a cheese cake bottom?

Situated at 21 Pasita Street, Durbanville (so close to home!) and you can also order from their website or email at

They do special occasions, birthdays, Easter, Christmas or just because it's Friday!

I'm going to order something special for my Mom's birthday just before Christmas!


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