Lunchbox: Thursday, 26 March 2015

Okay, firstly it looks like a lot of bread but the container isn't very deep so I cut up 2 ham and mustard sandwiches into 4 fingers each. I then added 5 to my lunch box (meaning 2 and ¼ slices of bread) and 3  to the Little One's lunch box. I also added some more of the big grapes, raw carrot sticks and fresh strawberries.

For the Little One I also added some Laughing Cow dippers: cheese dip and cracker batons. I also packed her yoghurt of half strawberry kiddies yoghurt and half plain full cream yoghurt which is not included in the picture. She loves dipping her food, whether it's her nuggets in a honey mustard sauce, or chips in tomato sauce, as long as there is a sauce, she will actually spend a few more minutes eating.


Lunchbox: Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Leftovers, the unsung joy of the lunch box. Really, I'm not being sarcastic! It means a quick hot lunch that is even quicker to pack and all you need is a microwave to heat it up and everyone has one at work. So I added my trusty spaghetti bolognese, some cheese to add when heating, Laughing Cow squares (which I also add sometimes for a bit of creaminess), these huge grapes and super sweet watermelon.

For the Little One I had her yoghurt, some raw brusselsprouts, mini sweetcorn and a chicken and cheese sausage. She loves the raw sweetcorn but we'll see if she tries the brusselsprouts. I also added her absolute favourite fruit at the moment: passion fruit pulp. At home I just cut the top of, use a spoon to loosen some of the pulp and give both to her and she can spend an easy half hour spooning out bits of pulp to eat.

As it's difficult give a whole passion fruit to school (no knife to cut) I added the pulp to a little spill-proof container for easy access. Our passion fruit tree is out of fruit so I bought some from Woolworth's but they are so small I added the pulp of 2 fruit here.


Who wants more Cohen Diet recipes, ideas and meals?

I have noticed so many people following me on Pinterest, especially he Cohen Diet recipes. I seriously need to restart my weight loss after baby, and with everyone's terrible diets, I really don't know of anyone who doesn't.

So how about this: we start a Cohen Diet 2 week starter program? Do it with me, daily share your ideas, what you are having for lunch or dinner, great snacks or just motivation. I will share my dinner recipes or Cohen friendly lunch Boxes?

Leave a comment or send an email and I will check the interest in doing something like this. Let's do it together because I can't do it on my own.


Lunchbox: Monday, 23 March 2015

Finally, a decent lunch box. I haven't packed one in such a long time, I almost struggled to find something to put in it! It really should be done every evening to cultivate a good habit, or it just becomes a nuisance. So far I left it for early mornings and then after packing the Little One's lunch there just isn't enough time (or energy) to pack another... Time to get back to basics. Really it's only March, usually this kind of disorganisation and lack of interest/energy/mood/whatever is present only at the end of year. Maybe I just need a break...

For the grown-up's lunchbox I added a good old beef, cheese and mustard sandwich with lettuce on crushed wheat bread. I use Dijonnaise which is Dijon, mustard seeds and mayonnaise blended to give it some creaminess, otherwise the sandwich can be both bland and dry. I also added some plain yoghurt (the container actually takes a small yoghurt tub and fits perfectly in the lunch box), some macadamia nuts, these huge grapes and mango. I added some Laughing Cow squares as an afterthought.

The Little One has yoghurt (half strawberry, half plain therefore half the sugar), a cheese and mustard on crush wheat bread mini sandwich, 2 grapes cut in half and seeded, 2 chicken meatballs and some fresh mango.

After being hospitalised with a terrible stomach bug, it was so good to get back to being able to include dairy. Taking one day at a time, Monday gone and only 4 more days to go...


Lunchbox: Friday, 13 March 2015

I just received the new Tupperware lunch boxes which are just fantastic. Bigger than the kiddies lunch boxes but smaller than the adult ones (perfect for us girls who always tend to fall in the middle!)

I used one compartment for some hot smoked salmon, one for mandarin slices and the bigger one for mini chicken pies and grapes. Still substantial but allowing for proper portion control. I will try a salad in the big compartment, fruit in one of the smaller ones and some protein in another.

It seals nicely so no fishy smells (from the salmon, which Hubby usually complains about) but I don't know yet if it will hold a small leak or two. It would however not be able to include anything that will spoil the other compartments as it will leak from one compartment to the other. Small, light and so useful, it will be the Little One's lunch box as soon as her appetite grows to a decent lunch. Also cute to use for a mini picnic box when going to the sea side and for our next plane ride.


Lunchbox: Wednesday, 11 March 2015

It has been one hectic month and we are not even half way. I don't think I will survive it... The Little One was sick end February and subsequently I have gotten whatever bug she was carrying. I have been so sick and tired and Hubby is training so very little sympathy from that side.

In these circumstances the only one who ALWAYS gets a packed lunch is the Little One. Myself having a seriously sore throat (I wasn't even able to drink tap water!) didn't eat much but did do lunch yesterday for me as well.

I had BBQ a chicken strips and yellow pepper strips with a quick basil pesto dipping sauce (plain full fat yoghurt mixed with 1 tsp basil pesto) which I used as a dip for everything, it was so good. I also had mini chicken pie and 2 mini spinach quiches. I had melon and mango squares and a mandarin slices. I also took the last 2 Laughing Cow squares from the box. The idea was to provide snacks throughout the day as one big lunch just wasn't possible.

The Little One had BBQ chicken strips, yellow pepper strips, melon, mandarin slices, a mini ham and cheese quiche, grapes and half a mini "melktert" (a traditional South African custard tart). I also added 2 mini Laughing Cow cheese squares.

It does seem like a lot but she usually only either eats what she feels like or takes a bite of everything. It does create some waste but it also discourages picky eating as new flavours are included daily. Either way the lunch box came home almost empty.


Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve


Everywhere you go you are greeted with views such as these. Beautiful, relaxing and at night a beautiful view of the stars unimpeded by lights and no noise. This really was a fantasticly relaxing weekend where we had great lunch in the form of venison pie and dinner (lasagne for me and a stunning sirloin steak for Hubby) on the Friday. Just don't order scrambled eggs for breakfast! The fried eggs were good though. We had a really laid back weekend punctuated by reading, chatting and stunning views.

Most of the road up to the lodge look like this!
The game reserve itself is very low-key and leading. Below is a photo of the pool (it should be noted that the pool isn't is heated at all making it either refreshingly cool or freezing lyk cold depending on your preferences!). They have a bar with the only TV on the premises and little nooks to sit and relax.

The Valentines Day Braai Buffet
I was seriously upset with this Buffet though. Kagga Kamma has a restaurant on the premises with a decent a la carte menu which we enjoyed the Friday evening. The food was really good and I was looking forward to having the fillet steak with lemony mushrooms on Saturday evening (we specifically kept the best for Valentines Day) but we were (un)pleasantly surprised with the buffet, which is the only option if you want dinner! I don't want "pap" and "wors" for Valentine's Day! For the foreigners visiting, it must have been a great experience to have a real South African BBQ but for us it was a serious let down. I suggest they should allow you to decide whether you want to attend the buffet Braai or just order from the restaurant. And by the way, the braai wasn't even our standard, the meat were dry and the salads bland. Even the vegetables came out of a packet, nothing was fresh.


It being Valentines Day we organized a special "turn-down service" for R300.00 equivalent of $30.00) so one would expect rose petals, bubbly and candle light. However what we got was the dried potpourri, JC Le a Roux sparkling wine (the cheap kind) and the small candles. If I brought everything from home it would not have cost ore than R100.00! Our neighbours complained because their turn down service included a bunch of wild flowers and their price tag was R500.00! My suggestion is to bring goodies from home for a special evening.
Our room. It was spacious and stayed surprisingly cool despite the heat. We also had uninterrupted view of the bushveld every morning. Hubby said the whole place index him very much of where he was born in the Karoo and he even liked the braai. So for him the weekend was a success.


However, considering the price I paid (+/- R4 000.00 for 2 nights all meals included which was with a 50% discount from Groupon) I expected a hell of lot more 5 star and not 3 star. I would happily go again for R2 000.00 for 2 nights, but comparing it to all the other resorts I have visited I don't consider it worth the amount they charge. This is why it is cheaper to fly to Mauritius than visit inside South Africa!