Lunchbox: Friday, 13 March 2015

I just received the new Tupperware lunch boxes which are just fantastic. Bigger than the kiddies lunch boxes but smaller than the adult ones (perfect for us girls who always tend to fall in the middle!)

I used one compartment for some hot smoked salmon, one for mandarin slices and the bigger one for mini chicken pies and grapes. Still substantial but allowing for proper portion control. I will try a salad in the big compartment, fruit in one of the smaller ones and some protein in another.

It seals nicely so no fishy smells (from the salmon, which Hubby usually complains about) but I don't know yet if it will hold a small leak or two. It would however not be able to include anything that will spoil the other compartments as it will leak from one compartment to the other. Small, light and so useful, it will be the Little One's lunch box as soon as her appetite grows to a decent lunch. Also cute to use for a mini picnic box when going to the sea side and for our next plane ride.

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