Lunchbox: Wednesday, 11 March 2015

It has been one hectic month and we are not even half way. I don't think I will survive it... The Little One was sick end February and subsequently I have gotten whatever bug she was carrying. I have been so sick and tired and Hubby is training so very little sympathy from that side.

In these circumstances the only one who ALWAYS gets a packed lunch is the Little One. Myself having a seriously sore throat (I wasn't even able to drink tap water!) didn't eat much but did do lunch yesterday for me as well.

I had BBQ a chicken strips and yellow pepper strips with a quick basil pesto dipping sauce (plain full fat yoghurt mixed with 1 tsp basil pesto) which I used as a dip for everything, it was so good. I also had mini chicken pie and 2 mini spinach quiches. I had melon and mango squares and a mandarin slices. I also took the last 2 Laughing Cow squares from the box. The idea was to provide snacks throughout the day as one big lunch just wasn't possible.

The Little One had BBQ chicken strips, yellow pepper strips, melon, mandarin slices, a mini ham and cheese quiche, grapes and half a mini "melktert" (a traditional South African custard tart). I also added 2 mini Laughing Cow cheese squares.

It does seem like a lot but she usually only either eats what she feels like or takes a bite of everything. It does create some waste but it also discourages picky eating as new flavours are included daily. Either way the lunch box came home almost empty.

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