Lunchbox: Thursday, 26 March 2015

Okay, firstly it looks like a lot of bread but the container isn't very deep so I cut up 2 ham and mustard sandwiches into 4 fingers each. I then added 5 to my lunch box (meaning 2 and ¼ slices of bread) and 3  to the Little One's lunch box. I also added some more of the big grapes, raw carrot sticks and fresh strawberries.

For the Little One I also added some Laughing Cow dippers: cheese dip and cracker batons. I also packed her yoghurt of half strawberry kiddies yoghurt and half plain full cream yoghurt which is not included in the picture. She loves dipping her food, whether it's her nuggets in a honey mustard sauce, or chips in tomato sauce, as long as there is a sauce, she will actually spend a few more minutes eating.

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