As a proud wife I encourage Hungry Hubby to take me out for dinner as much as possible for two reasons: firstly I don't have to clean up afterwards (okay I confess it wasn't like I was going to do it anyway but at least there's no guilt then for failing to clean up) and secondly to experience something new, different and (hopefully) spectacularly tasty.

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30 June 2012
Let start with our Wedding Dinner at  The Mount Nelson Hotel where we enjoyed a duck trio starter:

{Roasted Duck with Duck Pate and cranberry jelly, freshly baked bread}

{Mains were Fillet Steak with crushed potatoes and Trio of Lamb that included the most amazing slow roasted lamb pastry}

{Dessert was a stunning Red Velvet Wedding Cake and  crème brûlée.}

The food were amazing and no, I'm not biased. We try to stay there for either our anniversary or at least eat dinner there for valentine's day ever year for the last 4 years.

{Photographs courtesy of Jan Theron our wedding photographer}

    for great burgers (including low carb) and ribs - try the blooming onion starter!.

  • Royale Eatery
  • for the best burgers (incl. vegetarian) and milkshakes. 

  • Annapurna
  • for the best Indian Cuisine located in the Northern Suburbs

  • Pépenero
  •   an Italian inspired restaurant next to the see with great views.

  • 1800 Degrees
  • combines fine dining and steaks! The best steaks in Cape Town by far. 

  • Castello's
  •   in Cape Town for fresh lunches (their wraps are amazing).

  • Moyoga
  • for some serious fine dining. Try the 7 course tasting menu.

  • Our Place
  • is very family friendly with a junglegym for the kids.

         for the days when you can't decide between indian feast and japanese Dim Sum

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