Bread Milk & Honey Restaurant

A scrumptious treasure in the middle of Cape Town CBD was unearthed on Tuesday, and what a find it was. I was with clients though so couldn't get trigger happy with the camera but I didn't need to. So many people on so many blogs have raved about this little treasure that I have taken some liberties with their photos instead (please see the credits of the photos and please visit the blogs for their own reviews and please excuse my lack of imagery).

For starters you have to take note that everything in this little shop is FRESH. And yes, the capitals are justified! We just had sandwiches there (they have some pre-made ready to be snatched up in a second or freshly made to order) and it was the best ciabatta bread I have had in a long time: not too stringy, not to tough but still with some of the famous bit. I had the pastrami, gherkins and mustard, which was delicious. They don't have the biggest selection (think chicken/tuna/egg mayo but also some interesting ones such as the chicken and pesto sandwich) but with such freshness you really don't need that many choices.

Photo from Pretty Things

They also serve a buffet for R14/100g (so you only pay for what you take) and the selection was amazing: 2 different little quiches, chicken stew, a beef stew, at least 4 different salads and everything looked appetizing, colourful and (goodness forbid) healthy.

Photo from We Love

But not too healthy for when you get to the dessert section. OMG. Cliché But really. Fresh milk tarts, cakes, mini cheesecakes and cupcakes that will make you mouth water. If you don't have space for one of these (and you don't feel like schlepping all the way back to the office with a small box containing you treasure) then by all means grab some of the freshly baked cookies, brownie pieces or fudges.

Photo from Cape Chameleon

The place is small and always busy (even early mornings for breakfast!) and really not that much parking in front of the shop but its 2 minutes from the company gardens, 10 minutes from the High Court and 10 minutes from the police station at 10 Spin Street. (You like that? 10:10:10)

Photo from Merchants on Long

And lastly, before you leave, ignore the large selection of juices and cool drinks and have a cup of coffee. It doesn't even have to be something fancy like a latte, I don't care but just have 1 cup. It really is that good. 

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