Here is our recent holiday:


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This is probably my favourite holiday. We were there in 2008 (same hotel) and going back 8 years later and I am still in love. I will go back again, especially for Christmas as it was amazing!


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Another fantastic holiday this time with the Little One joining in on the celebrations! And yes this is a photo I actually took! Look at the beautiful colour of the water. This is a country that can convert any novice photographer to an artist by merely pressing a button.


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It was 10 days in perfect Maldives. Relaxing in the sun, cocktail in hand with glorious food. What more can one expect from a holiday?

Europe - Honeymoon

Our Honeymoon was (obviously) our most amazing holiday as yet. Prior to that Hungry Hubby has been to India and America and I have been to almost every country in central Europe, Egypt and many of the African Islands. Together we've been to Bali and on our honeymoon we had a relaxed week in Barcelona, Spain, then had an exciting cruise in the Mediterranean (Italy and France) and then the most clichéd but romantic week in Paris. 

We had Tapas in Barcelona (which were surprisingly disappointing) pizza in Naples and Pasta in Rome. Our most amazing meal however was at a Restaurant on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower!

BARCELONA SPAIN [1-7 July 2012]

What a beautiful town! With Gaudi's works of art everywhere in the city and tapas available on every street corner you have a lot to do there. We stayed at Rey Juan Carlos Hotel, which was more like a resort than the average European hotel. It has 3 swimming pools and amazing room service.


Tapas usually involve many smaller dishes (mostly bread or potato based) and can include almost everything from meatballs to anchovies. I was so eager to try the Patatas Brava (spicy potatoes) but it turned out to be just baked potatoes with mayo and ketchup.

One thing that I really love about Barcelona is the variety of fresh fruit that you can buy at the Las Ramblas Market, ready to eat!


We cruised with Royal Caribbean Cruises and I can only say one thing: I can't wait to go on a cruise again! That's how amazing it was. We stopped at Nice, Toulon, Florence, Rome and Naples! The excursions were exciting the shopping was extensive and the history so informative. What more can you ask for? The food on the cruise is all inclusive which means you can eat as much as you want. Even the 24 hour room service was free! Our meals in the main dining room was 3 course from a menu every night and really was impressive. I thought that because so many people were dining at once, it would cause the quality of the food to suffer. How wrong was I! It really was that good.

Johnny Rocket's Restaurant on the cruise liner itself.

{the leaning tower of Pisa - we climbed it to the top!}

{Above the Vatican City}

You pay a $5 cover charge and can eat as much as you want. Onion rings and chips are provided first...very smart because by the time the burgers come you're full already! They also have chilli hotdogs which looked good and real diner style milk shakes.

We also added our coins to the fountain to ensure we will visit Italy again.

With our visit to the Trevi Fountain in Rome we had their traditional Coconut Gelato. I think I'm in love (and I'm not talking about Hungry Hubby!) It was the best gelato I have ever had and it should be as we were in Italy!


Now one thing that had to happen is to have traditional pizza in Naples and it did not disappoint. We had a classic Margarita pizza with the most succulent calamata olives that were to die for. I think I will organize an Italian holiday one year where we would stay in Naples or Rome for a whole week just to eat pizza, pasta, gelato and tiramisu!

Back from Naples to Barcelona I was spoiled from our special Honeymooner's lunch and at dinner, I celebrated my birthday with another birthday cake. Hubby bought me a pair of turquoise diamond earrings on the cruise liner and we ended up with a glass of champagne in the room. A great ending to a fantastic cruise.

PARIS, FRANCE [14-20 July 2012]

We stayed 3 blocks away from the Eiffel Tower and it really was an astonishing sight. Every corner that you turned brought this beautiful tower into your sight. We walked everywhere and it was a good thing too as we tried every possible flavour of macaroons at Ladurée (al 28 of them!), had hot chocolate so thick you almost had to eat it with a spoon and a champagne Kir Royale for myself and a Hoegaarden Beer for Hungry Hubby.

My favourite flavour macaron has to be pistachio. I really loved the crunchy texture on the outside, the gooey mousse like centre and the not-too-sweet filling. One day I will try to make them day.

{Notre Dame

We had such an amazing time. We did those typical movie type romantic things that I will treasure for ever. We even placed our lock on one of the bridges, which is corny but I loved it.

For our last night in Paris we had supper on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower called 58 Tour Eiffel and it ended up being the best supper we had in all of our 3 weeks of travel! For starters we had duck foie gras (my first time) , which I unexpectedly enjoyed. For the main course Hungry Hubby had the lamb and I had chicken

The meat was juicy and cooked to perfection. And for dessert we had this pastry that reminded me to an éclair with cream and ice cream in the middle and topped with chocolate sauce which you pour over yourself!

We really had the best time (including a brilliant show at Moulin Rouge) and would love to do it all over again. Who knows, maybe for our 10 year anniversary?


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