I intended this blog as an insight into our lunch box and dinner struggles but so much more has evolved out of it, including recipes and all the stuff that goes on on the weekends, our travels all over the world and the restaurants that we visit monthly.

Please note however that I do not intend my opinion to replace that of any medical and/or professional person, some recipes do include nuts so please read them before you eat them, and even though I endeavour to try out all the recipes on the blog I cannot vouch for their accuracy. I also happily receive recipes from readers but cannot vouch for the originality of the said recipe received from any ready. The said reader will be credited in the post.

Any diets (yes there will be many) mentioned on the blog, are those followed by myself and Hungry Hubby and is not intended as dietary advice and following any such diet is done so on your own risk.

PS for WeightWatchers info please check the comments section!

Photo's posted on the blog are taken by myself or a family member, any photo not taken by myself will be credited to the particular person, article, magazine or book.

Any of my photo's or recipes can be used but please credit http://hungryhubbys.blogspot.com/ as the source (and let me know as I would love to see if people like my ideas).

The recipes featured are either developed by myself (by trial and error) or are in the family so long that I cannot credit who had the wonderful idea first. Any recipes that I tweak or that inspire me will be credited in the particular post.

I am an independent blogger with no culinary experience (except a wine course during my varsity years) and therefore any products featured are products that I use in my daily life. My opinions of any product is my own and only my opinion. I do not intent to discredit any product and should not be construed as such. I do not intend to receive any revenue from this blog and therefore there will not be any advertisements feature on this blog.

The same goes for restaurants, I pay for my own meal (or at the very least Hungry Hubby pays for my meal!) and any opinions expressed are based on my opinion and observations on a specific date and my intention is not to prejudice any establishment but I will be giving my views and opinions truthfully while still being considerate.

Other than that I hope you enjoy the posts and that you'll visit regularly as it is updated daily.

PS because the bog is still in it's infants stage, the layout and blog will be changed continuously.


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