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Father's Day 2018

For Father's Day we did something different: we went on an old steam train to the Elgin Station Market with Ceres Rail. The Toddler was so excited as she has learned about trains but has never been on one. This was definitely an experience for us all, though it did bring many memories back for Grandma!

 The train has a cart full of couches, a dining cart and a bar cart (filled with leather chairs).

 But we all got our own cabins who are still so old school!. Just look at the basin!

First things first we went for some coffee and muffins to start the morning.

 These two spent most of the 3-4 hour journey just looking out the window.

The Toddler wanted to experience the drop down bunker and ended up falling asleep!

 When we finally reached our destination, the Elgin Railway Market, Toddler got to see how the train works.

This place is really amazing and worth a visit without the train. It is this big open space with beautiful high ceilings and these big fans. The have tables that yo…

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