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I love Beluga's. I love going for the vibe and atmosphere, the food and the drinks. It's an opportunity to get out, get dressed up and just enjoy some quality time with the Hubby. This time we went for the Valentine's dinner which had a set menu. Usually I just go for the dim sum but this forced me to eat outside the comfort zone (I tend to always order the same dish).

What I really loved was the gin spiked cocktails! I really loved the drink. It wasn't too sweet or too sour, just perfect.

Here is our dinner:
 Dim sum
 Angry Chicken Curry (Hubby's favourite)
 Crispy Calamari
As always I had so much fun. Such a good place to have dinner, but considering they only had one dim sum on the set menu, I do think it is time we went back just for a dim sum evening!

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