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Valentine's Lunch 2018

Here is a recap of the Valentine's Lunch I prepared last year:

I love Valentine's Day. Most people say it is very commercialised, but I don't necessarily mind or buy into the commercial concept. I don't need to get flowers or even a card, Hubby does not need to take me to dinner but it doesn't mean I don't want to be spoiled. I am trying to show the Little One how you can make someone feel special without breaking the bank. The easiest way to do it? I surprise Valentine's lunchbox!

All you really need is a heart cookie cutter and your daily lunch box goodies. I made my French Toast but added peanut butter and cream cheese icing instead of the chocolate. I found these pots of ready made icing, which I never bought before and I really do wish I had! They are great! As a special dessert after dinner I made one little heart shaped sandwich, topped it off with more icing like a cupcake and added sprinkles. Everything's better with sprinkles!

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