Lunchbox: Monday, 31 March 2014

Obviously this is not a diet lunch box. It has a creamy, sweet and enticing custard slice glaring back at me! But come on, I had to have it! It's one of my favourite desserts and I really couldn't let it stand in the fridge while I just knew it would fit perfectly in the left hand corner of my lunch box! But I added some healthy sides (yes I see my custard slice as the main!). I added one of my Honeycrunch apples, a chicken breast and left over teriyaki noodles with veg. I had the custard slice for brunch and the rest for lunch. I need to make my own custard slices...


COHEN DIET: Lunch box Thursday, 27 March 2014

Don't get excited, I'm not 100% back on the diet. I just couldn't think of any exciting things to put into the lunchbox so I had what Hubby is having:

Grilled chicken, mango and cucumber slices. Noting fancy but then again when can diet food ever be fancy? I'm still hoping someone out there will share some ideas for this diet....


Lunch box: Wednesday, 26 March 2014

During my pregnancy I had one craving that was unstoppable and probably the most frustrating: Honeycrunch apples from Woolworth's. No other apple would do and they were only on the shelf for a short period of time but gosh they are delicious! So when I saw them on the shelves yesterday I ended up buying 4 packs of 4 (and I have already devoured one and a half!). 

However you don't eat them on their own. No you have to alternate between creamy bites of Laughing Cow cheese triangles (or in my case little blocks). Hubby said it was one of 'those pregnancy cravings' but they still taste fantastic together so it is definitely one of my favourite snacks post-pregnancy. With my big bowl of apples I had a big bowl of low fact butternut soup, and about 12 Laughing Cow blocks.

Don't judge... some of them went into the soup okay.


Tamasen and Ryan's Wedding

Hubby and I traversed the long road to Plettenberg Bay at 05h00 on Friday morning to attend the wedding of a beautiful couple. Now as this blog is about food (mostly) and celebrations, I will lament about the food more than anything else. Well the dessert anyway...

But I have to say something about the venue and the decorations. The Reception was held on top of an old Stud Farm/ Driving Range with the most amazing views of the whole of Plettenberg Bay. It was breathtakingly beautiful but everything had to be driven up the narrow little road to the top of the hill. One would suspect that the decorations would be sparse and you would be wrong. The little details are what made the wedding special.

Their seating chart was a map, I assume of places that are special to them. We were seated at Hope Street. The place mats were black boards and each guests' name was written on it.

The menu itself was printed on the napkin and the main meal for non-vegetarians were Beef fillet with a crispy potato cakes. Just ice cream cones for dessert might sound like they only concentrated on the starter and main meals until you see the dessert buffet...

Sweets, cookies, cake balls (dressed as a bride and groom) fresh macaroons all were standing to attention with little paper bags for those who couldn't eat another bite and would like to enjoy a little something sweet later. I obviously availed myself to the macaroons and they were absolutely divine!  They had this fluffy marshmallow centre that I absolutely loved! The cake pops were the cutest things ever with a vanilla cake centre covered in white chocolate that were not too sweet. At this stage I had to stop myself because...

But my favourite had to be the ice cream cart from the local Ice Palazzo. It is a family owned business and the owner, Paul was handy with a tasting spoon. I obviously had to try the coconut gelato (a favourite of mine since Rome) and I was not disappointed! What a fantastic idea and they had all the flavours one can think of: strawberry, chocolate, cookies and cream, coconut, vanilla etc.

Each guest were also given something to say thank you. All the men looked really dapper in their hats while girls got a little bling with pretty bracelets. I'm stealing hubby's hat for future outdoor excursions!

The wedding cake looked like red velvet (we had to leave before we could sample the divine looking cake) but I had to share the cutest cake toppers ever: bride and groom crystal cows!

Little Em had a ball, staying up way past her bed time, dressed to kill in a turquoise dress, white leggings and a cute pink jersey with teddy bear ears! This was the first wedding she could enjoy with us so it was special for us in many ways

To Tamasen and Ryan: congratulations and we wish you everything of the best!


Lunch Box: Monday, 24 March 2014

Today's lunch is a golden but oldie: Steak and nectarine salad with green pepper and red onion. The salad dressing is made from 1 tsp mayo, 1tsp basil pesto and 1 tbsp white balsamic vinegar. So yummy that I tend to eat to much from it.

Doing the Cohen Diet is difficult mainly because I get bored SO quickly that I tend to only follow it one day at a time and as anyone can attest that doesn't work so I'm thinking of taking Hubby's example and prepare ALL my lunches and dinners on the Sunday.

Now here is the challenge: I need to keep it simple yet not boring! Any ideas? Please have a look at the Cohen Diet and the list of goodies allowed and help me with some ideas please!


COHEN DIET: Lunch box Thursday, 20 March 2014

This is a quick and easy lunchbox that doesn't require more that cutting up some goodies and adding it to the lunchbox. I have a chicken breast (thanx to Hubby), and apple and a white peach, sliced, mini cucumber and celery cut into batons and a yellow pepper sliced. I know we are not supposed to have yellow pepper only green but at least I am following the diet dammit! I must confess I am less worried about the diet and am more trying to do portion control. Dinner is still my Achilles heel as I always make the wrong choices and have to much as well. 


Beluga Restaurant 2

I have mentioned the fabulous Beluga Restaurant before and we always have some Dim Sum as a starter followed by one of their fabulous mains but this time we had a 100% Dim Sum Dinner Date so I thought I would share what we had with you. I really need to learn how to make Dim Sum as it is one of my favourite cuisines. As always I hate the quality of the picture and it doesn't always do the food justice but I can promise you it was amazing.

We tried something of everything so we started with the HAR GAU (translucent steamed dumplings) and we had their most popular one being the Spinach and Cream Cheese as well as the Duck, Honey and Ginger ones. 

We had only one of the DEEP FRIED WONTONS because in previous restaurants the filling was minute but Beluga's wontons were filled to the brim. We had the Prawns and Coriander one but next time will also try the Corn, Spring Onion and Feta one.

These beautiful little CHA SIU BAAU (or Steamed Buns) looked so pretty I didn't want to destroy them by taking a bite but since it was filled with Duck and Sweet BBQ Sauce I just couldn't resist and it did not disappoint.

POT STICKERS are still my favourite and will next time try the vegetarian version of Roasted Butternut, Feta and Onion but this time we had my absolute favorite being the Spicy Peanut, Chicken and Coriander one and we also had the Lamb with XO Sauce.

On the menu they state:"Dim Sum is very delicate and has to be served piping hot. Our kitchen makes sure to send the Dim Sum as soon as they have reached the perfect temperature, straight out of the steamer. For this reason, your Dim Sum will arrive when ready, and not necessarily in harmony with our sushi or a la carte kitchen." But don't worry you don't need to wait long as they have expert hands tending to these delicate little flowers.

Go and enjoy some and let me know which were your favourite of if you know of another restaurant in Cape Town that might rival Beluga.


Cheesy Baked Salmon

I have to confess, I'm not a big fish eater. I don't know why but since I was a child I just couldn't handle the smell or the texture of raw fish and I hate having to spit out little fish bones while I'm eating. I have since learned that fresh fish don't smell like fish but the ocean and that I still have to stay away from Sushi. But Salmon is one of those that I have earned to respect if not love.

Making it with a cheese sauce might make me change my mind! And just to add this is low carb as I didn't use any flour!

  • 1 cup mascarpone cheese
  • 1/2 cup grated cheddar
  • ¼ cup milk (as needed)
  • 1 tbsp pesto
  • salt and pepper
  • 4 salmon fish fillets
  • ¼ cup grated cheese (extra)
  1. On the stove top add the mascarpone and grated cheese and stir on even heat until the cheese is melted. If it is too gooey add some milk.
  2. Add the pesto and season with salt and pepper.
  3. Place the salmon in a roasting tin.
  4. Top the salmon with the cheese sauce and sprinkle the ¼ cup grated cheese on top.
  5. Bake in a preheated oven of 180ºC for 20 minutes or until salmon is cooked through.
  6. Enjoy! 
We had some steamed broccoli to go with it.



St Patricks Day Breakfast - pesto scrambled eggs

Other countries have the most amazing holidays celebrated with such enthusiasm that I wish we had more than just "braai day" and St Patrick's day is one of those days. I would give anything to drink green beer or have green inspired crafts every where but I settled for my favourite pesto scrambled eggs. How do you celebrate St Patrick's Day?

Happy St Patrik's Day!

And have one of these on me:
A McDonalds Shamrock Shake!


Christening: Daisy Foods Catering and the Mixing Bowl Company

E was christened at home and it was a good day for great food and good company. As always I cheated by having most of the food made by Daisy Foods Catering in Durbanville.  They made the mini croissants filled with a variety of goodies and the mini pizza bites.

The also made min hamburgers, mini chicken burgers and mini boerewors rolls with proper onions and pepper relish. These were our Dinner on the Sunday evening after all the festivities ended and E was tucked into bed.

We obviously added our own little touches with a cheese platter and biscuits, olives and radishes.

We also added some meaty platter (so it isn't so carb loaded) in the form of chicken and pineapple skewers with mustard dipping sauce. For the health conscious (so obviously not me...) I also had a plate of crudités with Italian cream cheese mixed with peppadew peppers for a little bit of a kick.

How beautiful does this platter of chicken wings look? We purchase ready made chicken wings from Woolworth's and added fresh blueberries. I absolutely loved the combination.

On the table we added different kinds of mustard sauce in bowl instead of a great variety of sauces. We made them pretty with chopped feta and coriander.

Daisy Foods also provided the Mini chicken pies which were so tasty. We added the ham and purple radishes.

We also had chicken skewers from Woolworth's that is always a favourite. They usually go very fast. We then stuffed some peppadews with feta and added chives.

The cake was made by my favourite cake lady at the moment The Mixing Bowl Cake Company. I requested a red velvet cake as we had a red velvet wedding cake. I decided I would start a little tradition: all momentous moments will be celebrated with red velvet! I also dressed little E in french lace as I got married in french lace.

The amount of detail is always stunning and I can never find any fault with her cakes (and I have high standards!).

I used the owl theme as I decorated little E's room with owl stickers and the colour scheme also flows from that.

And look how gorgeous is that red! The cake was a definite hit and I am happy to say most of it was devoured so I ended up having only 2 (or 4...) pieces so my diet isn't totally screwed up... Oh who am I kidding, I set myself back about 3 weeks! But it was so worth it!

And how cute is my little girl? This was just after she was almost drowned in the ceremony!