Tamasen and Ryan's Wedding

Hubby and I traversed the long road to Plettenberg Bay at 05h00 on Friday morning to attend the wedding of a beautiful couple. Now as this blog is about food (mostly) and celebrations, I will lament about the food more than anything else. Well the dessert anyway...

But I have to say something about the venue and the decorations. The Reception was held on top of an old Stud Farm/ Driving Range with the most amazing views of the whole of Plettenberg Bay. It was breathtakingly beautiful but everything had to be driven up the narrow little road to the top of the hill. One would suspect that the decorations would be sparse and you would be wrong. The little details are what made the wedding special.

Their seating chart was a map, I assume of places that are special to them. We were seated at Hope Street. The place mats were black boards and each guests' name was written on it.

The menu itself was printed on the napkin and the main meal for non-vegetarians were Beef fillet with a crispy potato cakes. Just ice cream cones for dessert might sound like they only concentrated on the starter and main meals until you see the dessert buffet...

Sweets, cookies, cake balls (dressed as a bride and groom) fresh macaroons all were standing to attention with little paper bags for those who couldn't eat another bite and would like to enjoy a little something sweet later. I obviously availed myself to the macaroons and they were absolutely divine!  They had this fluffy marshmallow centre that I absolutely loved! The cake pops were the cutest things ever with a vanilla cake centre covered in white chocolate that were not too sweet. At this stage I had to stop myself because...

But my favourite had to be the ice cream cart from the local Ice Palazzo. It is a family owned business and the owner, Paul was handy with a tasting spoon. I obviously had to try the coconut gelato (a favourite of mine since Rome) and I was not disappointed! What a fantastic idea and they had all the flavours one can think of: strawberry, chocolate, cookies and cream, coconut, vanilla etc.

Each guest were also given something to say thank you. All the men looked really dapper in their hats while girls got a little bling with pretty bracelets. I'm stealing hubby's hat for future outdoor excursions!

The wedding cake looked like red velvet (we had to leave before we could sample the divine looking cake) but I had to share the cutest cake toppers ever: bride and groom crystal cows!

Little Em had a ball, staying up way past her bed time, dressed to kill in a turquoise dress, white leggings and a cute pink jersey with teddy bear ears! This was the first wedding she could enjoy with us so it was special for us in many ways

To Tamasen and Ryan: congratulations and we wish you everything of the best!


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