The Mixing Bowl Cake Company - Finding Nemo Cake

I have posted about The Mixing Bowl Company and their fantastic rainbow cake before and I speculated about what a wonderful birthday cake it would make for a child's birthday. Oh My Gosh I could never have imagine how great it would look. I was convinced that the outer layer will never be able to compete with the vibrant colours of the interior but I greatly misjudged Karen's artistic ability.

The amount of detail is absolutely astounding! Little Nemo and Dora and even the baby turtle all had proud place on top. Even their little freckles!! Pixar themselves could not have done better.

I don't think I would ever have said this: but even the backside looked great!

I even loved the little name post and squid. But even though we dreaded having to cut this beautiful cake, I couldn't wait to have that first glimpse of the inside.

And I wasn't disappointed. The beautiful rainbow was there in all 7 vibrant colours and the cake itself was moist and so tasty! I almost wanted to grab a piece from one of the children and stuff in my mouth, Luckily sanity prevailed and I awaited my turn like an adult should.

As it was E's first birthday party of one of her little friends I just couldn't resist sharing a cute liitle photo of her enjoying the sunshine.

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