Beluga Restaurant 2

I have mentioned the fabulous Beluga Restaurant before and we always have some Dim Sum as a starter followed by one of their fabulous mains but this time we had a 100% Dim Sum Dinner Date so I thought I would share what we had with you. I really need to learn how to make Dim Sum as it is one of my favourite cuisines. As always I hate the quality of the picture and it doesn't always do the food justice but I can promise you it was amazing.

We tried something of everything so we started with the HAR GAU (translucent steamed dumplings) and we had their most popular one being the Spinach and Cream Cheese as well as the Duck, Honey and Ginger ones. 

We had only one of the DEEP FRIED WONTONS because in previous restaurants the filling was minute but Beluga's wontons were filled to the brim. We had the Prawns and Coriander one but next time will also try the Corn, Spring Onion and Feta one.

These beautiful little CHA SIU BAAU (or Steamed Buns) looked so pretty I didn't want to destroy them by taking a bite but since it was filled with Duck and Sweet BBQ Sauce I just couldn't resist and it did not disappoint.

POT STICKERS are still my favourite and will next time try the vegetarian version of Roasted Butternut, Feta and Onion but this time we had my absolute favorite being the Spicy Peanut, Chicken and Coriander one and we also had the Lamb with XO Sauce.

On the menu they state:"Dim Sum is very delicate and has to be served piping hot. Our kitchen makes sure to send the Dim Sum as soon as they have reached the perfect temperature, straight out of the steamer. For this reason, your Dim Sum will arrive when ready, and not necessarily in harmony with our sushi or a la carte kitchen." But don't worry you don't need to wait long as they have expert hands tending to these delicate little flowers.

Go and enjoy some and let me know which were your favourite of if you know of another restaurant in Cape Town that might rival Beluga.

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