The Mixing Bowl Cake Company's Rainbow cake

 I was "over the rainbow" (excuse the pun) with this cake. I can without say, without worry of reproach, that I have found my "cake lady" from whom I will be getting all my cakes in future. I'm already working on Emma's first birthday party that's in October, that's how excited I am. I am looking for any excuse to have some more of her cakes...Easter maybe or maybe just for Sunday Lunch?

The wonderful lady behind The Mixing Bowl Cake Company is Karen and I have no idea what her secret is, how she gets her cakes so vibrant and moist making them beautiful and delicious at the same time. Amazing. I had people who aren't cake people (yes these creatures without a sweet tooth actually exist, can you believe it?) and they were fighting over an extra slice!

But wait, there's more! If you think her cakes are gorgeous, wait until you see the cupcakes....

These were so good that I had to taste one immediately, which meant I stole a cupcake, while driving home from picking up my order! I have no idea what the other motorist thought as they saw me devouring what looked like a tiny rainbow with magical sprinkles, but since I was in heaven I really didn't care. I was just desperately trying not to break open the box and eat the remaining eleven before getting home!


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