Bukhara/Haiku Restaurant

I love getting 2-for-1 deals and this restaurant satiates my weird obsession by being a Japanese and Indian restaurant in one! Located on the second floor in the Victoria & Alfred Mall in the Waterfront you get to do some serious shopping before enjoying a good meal.

Bukhara is a typical Indian Restaurant with a wide selection of curry and tandoori meals. Something for everyone's tastes. Their Naan bread is crispy and delicious (just wish they did a cheese and garlic naan). They use the best cuts of meat for their curries so you will never get a dry or tough curry.
Haiku is probably better known for their sushi but I enjoy the Dim Sum. I usually hate sushi restaurant because they tend to smell badly of seafood and it is enough to put me of my food. Here we walked straight past the fish counter and I didn't even notice!

The selection is fantastic and what is really great is you can order something from both menu's at the same time! SO that was exactly what we did:

We had spicy lamb pot stickers and spicy chicken fried wontons as a starter and I had lamb korma and Hubby butter chicken for main. Though I love a good curry and Bukhara's is probably one of the best I have had in a while, the reason why I will return again and again is for the Dim Sum. Utterly delicious!

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