7 layer no bowl slice

I've made some changes to my No Bowl White Almond Slice to ensure the cookie crust does not crumble before you get to enjoy it.

I mixed the cookie crumbs with the melted butter (and I increased the butter to 100g - if the crumbs are too wet add more crumbs) and pressed it into the tin evenly. This way all the crumbs are coated and they should stick together. Don't crush the crumbs too small as they will struggle to stick together. I also added the coconut last which gives a nicer top.

Then I added some more goodies: I added peanuts chopped finely and mixed with the almonds, and chopped soft caramel sweets so now we have 7 layers-

1. Tennis biscuit crumbs
2. Almonds chopped
3. Peanuts chopped
4. Dark chocolate chips
5. Soft caramel sweets
6. Condensed milk
7.  Desiccated coconut

Follow these layers and then bake in 180ºC for 30 minutes. For the full recipe see the Original Recipe. Play around with it, add whatever you feel like starting with the cookies and ending with the condensed milk.

Let me know what is your favourite combinations!


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