Lunch box: Tuesday, 9 April 2013

As I said before, Hungry Hubby is still on his health kick (damn but the guy has discipline!) which includes these green soupy smoothies (bananas, yoghurt, mango, oats and spinach). It doesn't look good but then again he lost 4kg so maybe it works.

I on the other hand am having what I would normally pack for Hungry Hubby. The salad is one of my favourite: pesto, mayo and cream with pasta, rosa tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil. One day I'll sit down a do a proper recipe however we can just buy Woolworth's one that is just as good. Then I have one of my quirky snacks: Kiri cheese enjoyed with creamed corn. I know it's weird but it works with salty and sweet taste and because both has a creamy consistency it tastes great. I'm also having some of Hungry Hubby's peri-peri chicken breasts and an orange.

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