Lunch box Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Today's lunch box is a reminder of old school lunches: French polony sandwiches on brown bread with lots of light butter and mayo. An absolute favourite of mine that is always so easily forgotten. Luckily I get cravings for this sandwich when absolutely nothing else will do. I don't really mind using white or brown bread or even low GI or wholewheat bread, as long as it is really fresh - that is the secret to this sandwich being so great.

I really enjoyed the fresh, juicy orange, which I have to admit is not usually one of my favourite fruits. Maybe because in the winter months all we get is oranges and apples. It so quickly becomes boring. I had a craving for fresh oranges though and decided to buy some oranges to make the juice myself (I don't trust shops who sell 'fresh' juice unless they press it right in front of me) but after cutting into the first orange, it looked so juicy and delicious, I just had to try one bite. Four oranges later I still did not have my juice but I was hooked. Only problem was Woolworth's have run out if oranges! 

I'm also having 3 small little figs and some left-overs from my creamed Sweetcorn that I enjoy with a Kiri cheese square. Now with every food group nicely covered I think I'm going to have brunch instead of lunch because I can't wait to tuck in.

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