1800 Degrees Bistro

Situated right across from the new Cape Town Stadium at the Cape Royale Hotel and Spa, the 1800 Degrees Bistro is our  go to restaurant for a romantic evening. We tend to rotate our anniversary and Valentine's Day between 1800º and Planet Restaurant. Essentially it's a formal or upmarket steakhouse, great for the man in your life because the steaks really are to die for. We even attend for our birthdays and special occasions. It really is a great place to visit.

For Valentine's Day 1800º had a special evening arranged starting with champagne Kir Royale cocktails and a two-man band playing golden oldies in the background.

Surprisingly Hungry Hubby suggested we start an entrees. This was surprising as we tend to almost never finish our Mains as the meals are quite substantial. I chose the Herb Gnocchi with Butternut, Feta and Sage. I just couldn't resist as so few people do a really good gnocchi. They were good but the surprising star of the entrees was Hungry Hubby's choose: the soup of the day - Cream of Mushroom Soup and all I can say is "wow" and this is from someone who doesn't like mushroom soup!

For mains we always have steak. You're at a steakhouse so what else will you have? Both Hungry Hubby and I had the fillet, mine was 200g and Hungry Hubby had 400g. With his steak he had potato and cheese croquettes and Bearnaise sauce.

While I had creamy garlic mash and Madagascan Pepper Sauce. The steak was done to perfection as it should be because that is exactly what they specialise in. It melts in your mouth and I have mine medium (a tough order to get right).

The photo's are quite dark but it's very difficult to take proper photo's without disturbing your fellow diners (or to look like an idiot while doing so!) But let me tell you about dessert. Usually we have the creme brûlée but this time it wasn't on the menu so we went for something nostalgic...

We both had the selection of 4 macaroons. Now I must admit that the ones we had in Paris was better but that doesn't say much as everything is better in Paris. All I can say is they better return the creme brûlée to the menu or the pastry chef and I will be having words....

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