My Lunch Box for the next Week

I've been having too much carbs, too much fat, too much of absolutely everything and then I realized that I don't need to fill the lunch box with absolutly everything I can think of: I can just add the essentials. That and no snacking or eating outside the box (if you excuse the pun) except for breakfast and dinner. And this is what you get:

Yoghurt (100ml fat free) with fruit, 2 Kiri cheeses, 4 wholewheat crackers and some more fruit. It doesn't look like much but I have wholewheat carbs (and not too much), protein from the cheese and yoghurt, fat from the cheese and nuts and finally nutrients from the fruit.

Breakfast will be 1 Wheatbix biscuit, 1/2 cup low fat milk and 1 banana. Dinner will also be something small and healthy. I don't need to eat Hungry Hubby's portion sizes to be satisfied.

Something small and maybe a bit healthier than normal (for us anyway) is chicken fajitas made with 1 chicken breast, slimmer's choice cream cheese, avocado, red and yellow peppers and a coriander tortilla (like our dinner Monday night which incidentally is also Hungry Hubby's lunch).

And to save time (and money) that is what we'll be doing for the rest of the week: make an extra portion that Hungry Hubby can enjoy at work!

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