Lunch box: Monday, 11 February 2013

Valentines day is only 4 days off so I've been busy planning Hungry Hubby's special Valentines Lunch Box. But before I can focus all my attention on Thursday's lunch box, I had to organise Monday's.

I'm cheating a bit by keeping the rest of the week's lunch boxes a bit boring so that Thursday's one will seem much more exciting and special. As Hungry Hubby is not bored of ham just yet I made ham, cheese and mustard rolls on sweet knotted bread. I love fresh rolls and these ones are called "heat and eat" so they are really fresh. Fro fruit Hungry Hubby is having raspberries and red and green grapes. As I wanted him to have some treats (and preferably not something I'm going to include on Thursday) I added mini marshmallows, penguin crackers and wasabi peanuts.

I'm having yoghurt with muesli and mini marshmallows (usually for elevenses) one knotted roll with ham and cheese and the same fruit. The yoghurt is my treat as it's low fat chocolate yoghurt and the muesli is triple chocolate crunch muesli. The marshmallow might be a bit much as it's already so sweet but they are just adorable.

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