Chocolate French Toast

I've always loved french toast and I usually enjoy it sliced in fingers and with a tiny amount of maple syrup. However I have come to realise that you can add another dimension to french toast by stuffing it with something. You can do sweet or savoury but I tend to stick to sweet (the same with pancakes I just can't have them with savoury fillings! It goes against everything I know!) but try it with different fillings: if you don't like chocolate (what are you an alien?) try it wit sweetened cream cheese, ricotta or even goat's cheese. Add jam or other fruit fillings, even peanut butter works amazingly well.


• 12 slices white bread
• 6 tbsp hazelnut chocolate spread or peanut butter
• 5 egges
• salt
• maple syrup and fresh raspberries to serve

1. Spread 6 slices with the spread and top with its partner.

2. Break the 5 eggs into a shallow bowl and whisk well. Season with salt.

3. Heat a big frying pan on medium heat and spray with oil or spay-and-cook. Dip each sandwich into the egg mixture (a few seconds on each side) and place in the frying pan. When it has browned slightly turn it over.

4. Place on a plate and cover with a tea towel until all are cooked. Enjoy scattered with raspberries and sprinkling of maple syrup.

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