Lunch box: Wednesday 20 February 2013

I am craving some serious nibbles in the form of mini pies and mini red velvet cupcakes and unfortunately I know exactly where to find them. So after walking past the shop for more than a week, I finally went in and got them.

With my little treats Hungry Hubby is having whole wheat rolls filled with roasted pork belly, cream cheese and basil pesto. To add some health (contrary to Hungry Hubby's request to fill the holes with more babotie or chicken pies) I decided to add some red fruit in the form of fresh prunes, pink grapes and blueberries.

I on the other hand am having some leftovers: beef meatballs in prego sauce with mash. Hungry Hubby always makes the mash and has become quite an expert using sour cream and garlic butter. I absolutely LOVE mash and would eat it with absolutely anything but my favourite is bangers and mash with brown onion gravy. The meatballs are a new discovery for me as I belatedly realised that not only can you cook them in a sauce but that you can use any sauce you can think of: tomato, curry, prego, barbecue, ratatouille, green curry or anything else. I tend to buy the ready made meatballs from Woolworth's but one day I will make my own. The meatloaf mixture (beef, pork and veal) available in America would be perfect but unfortunately that's not available in South Africa.

Do you have a favourite meatball recipe?

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