Lunch box: Tuesday, 19 February 2013

After having Friday and Monday off due to a fantastic lunch box on Valentine's Day (on Hungry Hubby's insistence) it's finally back to normal. I did however become lazy over the short break and felt that nothing too fancy is needed for the Tuesday.

So what do I consider non-fancy? Well, hot dogs and I really love hot dogs. But to make it a bit healthier I use brown wholewheat buns with 1 American Hot Dog Sausage from Woolworth's and a small spread of cream cheese and ginger spiced Dijon mustard. I learned from previous mistakes and placed the tomato sauce in a container instead. For snacks Hungry Hubby is having chicken and pineapple kebabs, a Kiri cheese and fruit salad with a wide variety of fruit.

I added another half an American Hot Dog Sausage and extra sweet pink grapes. The total of my lunch box is 13 ProPoints but it does include my snacks and lunch (and in all probability my breakfast as well).

The hot dog is 9 WeightWatchers ProPoints, ketchup 1 ProPoint and the Kiri cheese is 2 ProPoints.

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