Lunch box: Thursday, 14 February 2013

It's finally Valentine's Day and I think I did the day justice. Not too fancy, not too many hearts (I added some stars just to mix it up a bit) so let's see what Hungry Hubby is having for Valentine's Day:

We're starting with my very delicious Chocolate French Toast cut into 3 hearts. I had a practice run on Sunday (a perfect lazy breakfast) and they are just as delicious cold the next day. With it I added a glass flask filled with real maple syrup and I added blackberries, gooseberries and strawberries  cut into heart shapes.

For Hungry Hubby's snacks I made Rosa Tomatoes and baby sausages into heart shapes. To see how it's done click here. I also added little cheese stars. These are really cute and quick to make. I just take one Rosa tomato, cut it at an angle and stick it back together. Same goes for the little sausages. I placed these separate from the sandwiches as I was worried that the little tomato hearts might leak a bit.

Now just to add to the already carb-rich lunch box, I decided to add some savoury sandwiches as well (to balance out the sweetness of the french toast). These beautiful little stars are made from fresh white bread, low fat cream cheese, dijon mustard and shaved ham, cut into star shapes after assembly. I added little cheese hearts just to stay within the Valentine's Day theme.

So this is my way of letting Hungry Hubby know I care. It is by no means healthy but it isn't meant to be: it's a treat. I only get to treat him 3 times a year: Valentine's Day, his Birthday and our Anniversary.

How do you treat your loved one on Valentine's Day?

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