Lunch box: Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I had to raid the freezer again. Thank goodness I had some decent goodies hidden away, more specific some Homemade Chicken Pies.

To add to the Homemade Chicken Pie, I also have some bran and raisin muffins. A bit heavy on the carbs (as always) so I've added lots of fruit: green grapes, plums and blueberries. I also added some carrots as veg and 2 cheese triangles to add some protein.

To accompany my pie I added lots of fruit: kiwi, apricot, plums, blueberries and green grapes. With my bran and raisin muffins I've got 1 cheese triangle. The pies and muffins should be defrosted by lunch time.

I haven't added the WeightWatchers ProPoints as it's a bit difficult to calculate the pies points, but they roughly amount to 9 ProPoints each.

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