Lunch box: Thursday, 7 February 2013

I'm cheating for Thursday's lunch by using a ready made meal from Woolworth's (my go-to shop when in dire straits). It goes to show that you can go healthy while having an on-the-go lunch: the Woolworth's Thai Beef Salad is only 4 WeightWatchers ProPoints per 100g but be careful it comes in 400g containers so don't eat the whole container by yourself. Share it instead and it still amounts to a decent potion.

With the Thai Beef Salad (200g) I'm also having 3 different types of melon: honeydew, watermelon and spanspek. The beef meatballs are only 1 ProPoint each so I have 3 and 1 Kiri cheese for an additional 2 ProPoints and some cucumber slices.

Hungry Hubby is being spoiled by receiving the full 400g as he's been doing some exercise again. The 400g is too big for our PlanetBox containers, so for his I'm using 2 separate lunch boxes: one for the salad and one with 3 separate compartments for his melons, meatballs, Kiri cheese and cucumber slices.

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