Lunch box: Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Here I sit contemplating the conundrum that is the tomato. It is such a wonderful fruit (yes apparently a fruit) with it's red fleshy meat but it has the tendency to make anything soggy (bread in a sandwich, lettuce in a salad) but sometimes all a sandwich really need is a tomato slice or two.

 So Hungry Hubby is having my version of a BLT (Beef, Lettuce & Tomato) Sandwich, hummus with carrots and cucumber slices. His little treat section is filled wit green grapes, cheese crackers and salami sticks.


I having the same BLT sandwich but on a smaller roll, cheese crackers and 1 salami stick, green grapes and fresh prunes. My veggie portion is carrot and cucumber batons with hummus.

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