Lunch box: Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Only one more day until Valentine's Day! Any ideas on what to put in Hungry Hubby's lunch box?

Until then let's see what Hungry Hubby is having for lunch: crushed wheat sandwiches with chicken, spring onion cream cheese, Rosa tomatoes, roasted yellow pepper and rocket sandwich. A mouthful I know but it really works. Roast half a yellow pepper at 220•C for 25 minutes. Allow to cool wrapped in cling-wrap. When cooled, peel the pepper and cut into small strips. It gives a nice sweetness to an otherwise peppery sandwich.

With the sandwiches some naughty bits being: dried mango and Wispers chocolates. For fruit we have the sweetest fresh prunes, strawberries and gooseberries.

My lunchbox is much the same but as usual my portions are just a bit smaller (the sandwich) but not the fruit.

Again I am going to challenge myself by not eating anything outside the lunch box but so far nothing has worked. Come 3pm I eat whatever I can find. Yesterday I had watermelon, banana bread, last nights left over curry and then some more left over curry. Let me just say that after everything I ate I'll be lucky to only pick up 2kg.

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