Lunch box: Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Only 2 more days until Valentine's Day. What treats are you packing in your loved ones lunch box?

The knotted rolls are sweet and dense (at 4 WeightWatchers ProPoints they pack a might carb punch) but are also quite dry so I decided to make them with cheese spread and salami for some moisture. I also added some mini sausages, Bybel mini cheese and carrots. For fruit I'm sticking to green and dry grapes. 

With my knotted roll I'm having my absolute favourite: chocolate spread (at 7 WeightWatchers ProPoints the sandwich is a real indulgence but I'm thinking I deserve a break every now and then). For breakfast I'm having Tropical low fat yoghurt (3 ProPoints) and muesli (3 ProPoints) as snacks I have one Kiri cheese (2 ProPoints), a bueno chocolate (1 ProPoint) and kiwi, red and green grapes.

Not my healthiest lunch box but then again I haven't been that healthy anyway. So new challenge: I will only eat what is in my lunch box for breakfast, lunch and snacks. No outside snacking (which I'm so guilty of especially at 3pm every afternoon!). How do you curb your snacking?

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