Hartenberg Estate Picnic

A beautiful day with wonderful people, lying under a shady tree having a picnic that someone else prepared. A revealing picnic basket for four to enjoy the afternoon away with good wine and surprisingly brilliant grape juice. If this is the way we are to spend all our Sunday afternoons then I wouldn't mind going to work on the Monday!

A Sunday visit at Hartenberg Estate And what a picnic basket was:

Eleanor's snoek pàté, beetroot and cumin pàté (a beautiful red relish but could do with some zest or maybe some salt), homemade lamb and pork terrine with a chicken breast centre (really good) served with balsamic onion relish, rosa tomato, bocconcini and basil salad, new potato salad with whole grain mustard vinaigrette (a new and interesting way to have potato salad without all the mayonnaise), smoked chicken and thyme tart (a bit dry and disappointing), farm bread (the best bread I've had all year but no butter) and rosemary focaccia (my favourite with the snoek pàté which was a great surprise as I tend to avoid anything fishy), artisanal cheese (Brie and a tasteless unknown cheese that some might like but served with syrupy figs and with the fresh bread highly enjoyable) and a nutty chocolate brownie (more like a cake but still chocolatey). Next time I'll remember the salt and butter!

This picnic gave me great ideas for Hungry Hubby's lunchbox!

Our 'picnic party' with Magda and Henno Nöthnagel and Baby Ben:

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