Jalapeño Popper Sandwich

Can you believe another year has past? It seems to be going quicker and quicker each year... What a shame as I had so many things I still wanted to do...

Let start with the first one: jalapeño popper toasted sandwich. How amazing does that sound? I found this amazing blogger, Kevin Lynch at "Closet Cooking" who reinvents a favourite recipe (such as jalapeño poppers) into different meals such a jalapeño popper dip and this Jalapeño popper toasted sandwich.

I have made some adaptions to mine by excluding the tortilla chips and adding feta and salami as my Jalapeño poppers are stuffed with salami, feta and mozzarella. 

• 6 slices ciabatta bread
• 3 tbsp low fat cream cheese
• 6 slices salami
• 6 slices mozzarella cheese
• 3 big jalapeño peppers

1. Deseed and slice the jalapeño peppers into ribbons.

2. Spread the cream cheese on 3 slices ciabatta. 

3. Top the other 3 slices ciabatta with 2 slices mozzarella cheese (tear it so it fits).

4. Top with 2 slices salami then the jalapeño strips. 

5. Top with the other ciabatta slices. Spray a preheated panini pan with oil and bake until bread is crispy and cheese is melted.

Hungry Hubby has voted this as the all new favourite "Braai-broodjie" (barbecue sandwich)!

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