Tuesday, 15 January 2013

As I've been told I've been neglecting protein I've decided to do a salad instead for Tuesday. And Woolworth's is my rescue!

Hungry Hubby and I am therefore having the Sweet Chilli Chicken Cutlets, Herb Salad, 2 slices Low GI bread, Smoked Snoek Pâtè (continuing from our delicious Picnic), some more of those sweet Rainier Cherries and blueberries. Hungry Hubby is having as his extra litchis, crunchies and Wasabi peanuts. Adding on the side some yoghurt for more protein.

This whole lunchbox is 11 WeightWatchers ProPoints! I will have the Snoek Pâté and bread as a tea time snack and the chicken and salad for lunch and the fruit in between. 

I believe I have finally justified my lunch boxes from PlanetBox. They aren't the cheapest lunch boxes, but oh how easy they making planning and packing lunches! In fact they make it so easy that I've decided to get some more. I'm getting the Rover with 6 smaller compartments and extra Launch, which is the ones we have now. They ship all the way to South Africa but remember to include the import taxes of about 40%. But as I could trow out all the mismatched plastic lunch boxes. To pack a lunchbox as above I would have to use 4 containers! So if you pack lunch everyday I would suggest you considering getting something similar. 

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