Tuesday, 8 January 2013

So Tuesday's lunch is looking really healthy. Probably a little too healthy but it should allow for some sweet treats later in the evening. That's what I love about WeightWatchers, it makes you think about your food choices without depriving you of anything. For instance 2 Lemon Cream biscuits are 4 ProPoints but 3 Lemon Cream biscuits are 7 ProPoints. Now 4 I can spare on a treat but 7 points is the equivalent of a healthy sandwich! 

Hungry Hubby is having 4 Slimmers Choice Lemon & Pepper Chicken Kebabs from Woolworth's, a salad made from rocket, red pepper & blueberries, red grapes, carrots and sour cream & chive dip. I found out Hungry Hubby has a tendency to find something he likes, request it every day for a couple of weeks and then refuses to have it in his lunch box. He loved hummus and carrot sticks and would complain if I left it out, now he wants everything but hummus. Such a shame because now I have a liking for it.

Therefore I'm having only 2 kebabs, frozen raspberries and blackberries, red and green grapes, hummus and carrots. I love berries but they never last long enough so now I freeze them which means they also don't get squashed in the lunchbox.

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