Monday, 14 January 2013

After a wonderful weekend I have decided to do a proper lunchbox (after considering a decent cheat with roast chicken and a ready mad pasta salad from Woolworths but I'll leave that for another day) and just for a special reminder I took our picnic as inspiration.

So Hungry Hubby is having Chicken, Spring Onion and Beetroot Hummus Sandwich with the most luscious Rainier cherries (sold by the box at Woolworths), a leftover brownie from our picnic, macadamia nuts and a Kiri cheese.

Mine is a bit different:

I'm having Low GI Chickpea, Cucumber and Feta salad (5 WeightWatchers ProPoints), Duatto Mascarpone cheese with figs and walnuts (4 WeightWatchers ProPoints for 25g), Whole wheat crackers (2 WeightWatchers ProPoints for 3 biscuits) and as many Rainier cherries my little lunchbox could handle. I chose the mascarpone over the brownie for my little indulgence for tomorrow.

After such an eventful but wonderful weekend my first week at work is something I'm actually excited about...sad isn't it?

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