Lunch box: Thursday, 31 January 2013

My, my, to pack my new lunch box!

I'm so excited that for once I'm doing my lunch box first! A very plain and (dare I say cheap) sandwich: polony and mayo on whole wheat. This is a sandwich that I have loved since school. Usually on white bread but I thought whole wheat will be a bit healthier. With that in the fruit compartment I'm having raspberries and blackberries. In the veggie compartment I'm having hummus, carrots and sugarsnap peas. In the carb compartment I'm having mixed nuts and cheese crackers. My small little treat is a chocolate heart.

Hungry Hubby is having two polony and mayo sandwiches, green grapes, raspberries and blackberries. Instead of hummus Hungry Hubby is having sweet chilli dip with carrots and sugarsnap peas. With his mixed nuts and 2 crunchies

I'm really loving my new Rover lunch box!

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