Snacks: How do I fill my lunch boxes?

I have a strange and confusing personality: I am extremely organised and extremely chaotic at the same time! I rarely plan my day to day life but I also tend to over-organise when I stop to think about it. Therefore I tend not to plan the lunch boxes but I do put some thought into filling the extra spaces (i.e. snacks).

 That means that whenever I have a moment I walk through the shops with an eye on anything that will make a good snack or fill that small hole in the lunch box. At Woolworth's I look at their little cookies, biscuits and crackers and their biltong, nuts and chocolates. But even then you might get caught up in the 'same-old, same-old' so I also visit other shops like Pick 'n Pay and my personal favourite UK Emporium. It's a little shop in Montague Gardens that imports products from the United Kingdom. I like to either buy old favourites there (think fruit loops, hula hoops) to new favourites (lemon fanta, mint kit kat, chocolate covered gingersnaps)

Then when the Christmas Markets roll around I look for lunch box accessories such as these bamboo fork and knife sets (extra forks, knives and kebab sticks), stickers and cupcake holders (if you want to separate certain treats) and plastic dessert holders that I cover with cling-film.

I place them together in clear sandwich bags and place them all together in a big container, that way they are quickly at hand, I can see what I have and what I need to replace.

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