Lunch box: Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I got another gadget!! A pie making machine! And what fun my mother and I had making Home-made Pies based on her recipe of throwing things together until it tastes good, we made something like 24 pies in less than an hour (it's difficult to know how many we made as between us and the dogs we ate a lot of them!).

Hungry Hubby is therefore having 2 of the homemade pies, one chicken and one game, tomato sauce (ketchup), red grapes, Rainier cherries, blueberries, cucumber and carrots.

My lunch box is a bit different: I'm having the other half of my chickpea salad but I have removed the tomatoes (and placed them on the side) and cucumber and replaced it with blueberries and strawberries. The tomatoes I placed with the carrots and hummus and on the side some more Rainier cherries, penguin cheese crackers and Wasabi coated peanuts.

The chickpea salad is 5 Weightwatchers ProPoints, the Wasabi Peanuts are 2 ProPoints, the hummus are 4 ProPoints and penguin crackers are 1 ProPoint.

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