Pepènero Restaurant

Hungry Hubby and I had date night at Pepènero Restaurant last night and as always the food were fantastic. Now this Italian/Seafood restaurant isn't a Spur so expect a little bit more expensive but the quality of food is so good that I'll even forgive the some times crappy service (there's always one guy who is slow, forgetful and just doesn't care).

The place gets very busy, very quickly so I would advise to make a booking.

I order the same every time: the Veal Milanese with Mushroom Sauce and Creamy Mash. Pepènero has sushi, crayfish, fresh fish and shrimps but I'm allergic to shellfish so I enjoy their meat and pastas instead. 

Hungry Hubby had the Beef Fillet Steak, Chili Mushroom Sauce and Creamy Mash. And I was so jealous as that was the best mushroom sauce I've ever tasted (I will have to try and duplicate it some time). The fillet was perfectly cooked and had a wonderful taste to it (I tried to steal several bites but Hungry Hubby is just too fast!).

For dessert I had the Chocolate and Toffee Brownie with Mixed Nuts and Coffee Ice Cream that was gooey and rich (I couldn't finish it! Can you believe it?) and Hungry Hubby had our favourite dessert that we order at all the restaurants: Crème Brûlèe, Lemon infused with Biscotti. (Hungry Hubby has already started to eat his dessert!)

A beautiful end to date night with good food and really good company. I can't wait until our next date date.

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