Steak, Roasted Veg & Pesto Sandwich

I always try to use whatever leftovers I have of the previous night's dinner, I just don't have the energy to make sandwiches from scratch every night so I wing it with what's in the kitchen and thereby these sandwiches.

 These sandwiches are made to be enjoyed as open sandwiches.


• 2 thick slices ciabatta
• 2 tbsp low fat cream cheese
• 1 tsp basil pesto
• 150g cooked steak
• 1 cup roasted vegetables (butternut, courgette, onions and patty pans)
• fresh sprigs coriander

1. Spread the cream cheese on each slice.

2. Spread pesto on each slice.

3. Top with steak.

4. Top with vegetables (cut them up if they are too big).

5. Top with coriander and season as desired.

I wrapped each sandwich in cling wrap to put in the lunchbox.

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