My new lunch boxes!

They finally arrived! How excited am I? I can't describe it. Yes two of the lunch boxes are the same as the ones we have already ("Launch") but the other two are the "Rover" lunch boxes.

The Luanch has three big compartments (one big compartment with two smaller ones) while the Rover has five compartments al different sizes.

The Launch's 3 compartments are easily filled: the big one for sandwiches, wraps etc. The middle one for fruit and treats, the smallest one is for vegetables and dips. With the Rover I will be able to fill the compartments just as easy (if not easier!).

As you can see the Rover is more suited to my less hungry needs. The Rover is over all slightly smaller automatically making the portions smaller as well. The treat compartment is a bit small for my liking but luckily the long compartment is meant to use for carbs (thank goodness).

Well let's see how I fill it.

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