Gourmet Boerie Restaurant

UPDATE: The Boerie Closed down but use the ideas for weekends away or a party at home!

[photos not mine]

One of South Africa's great 'fast food' is called a boerewors roll. A 'boerewors' is a sausage, usually made from beef and spices with the most favourite spice used being coriander. It's braai'ed (or barbecued) and placed on a fresh hotdog roll. The traditional boerewors roll has fried onions and a 'smoor' made of onions and tomatoes.

It is an easy and cheap meal to make and because it really is so quick to make we make it for sporting events, at the beach or just because we feel like it.

However we tend to only make it the traditional way, which is why I'm so glad to introduce a restaurant in a Cape Town called Gourmet Boerie.

They really push the envelope in combinations, from the Mexicano (salsa, sour cream, guacamole, jalapeƱo, coriander and lettuce) to the Hangover (bacon, caramelized pineapple, avocado and cheese sauce) or the Pure Sophistication (caramelized onion, goat's cheese, roasted cherry tomatoes, basil pesto and rocket).

But if you are anything like me you won't be able to choose - I always want to try everything! But it won't be good for your waistline so I am glad to introduce the Boerie-sliders!

And what do you get? 'n Old School Boerie, the Hangover, the Mexicano, the Pure Sophistication, the Chakalaka Boerie, the Tomato Madness and the Gorgonzola.

Want more? How about a selection of mini desserts? A selection of 3 mini desserts are also available. Brilliant, right?

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